SIMPLEX (СИМПЛЕКС) - РОССИЙСКИЙ ТЕРМОПЛАСТИЧНЫЙ МАТЕРИАЛ ДЛЯ БАЗИСОВ дентальных ПРОТЕЗОВ, превосходящий свои российские и зарубежные аналоги по качеству и цене.           


SIMPLEX is a Russian thermoplastic material for prosthetic dentistry. It is used for the basis production of removable partial dentures as well as its segments for the patients oriented towards acrylic construction. The form of production is pink granules.


SIMPLEX advantages: matches the color of the oral mucosa and its vascular pattern, it is transparent, easy in processing, and polishing, the material is tolerant to temperature changes and it is minimally hygroscopic. Our material perfectly matches its stated purpose. 


SIMPLEX is made in Russia. Its price can easily compete with acrylic resinгes, offering dentists and their patients a new level of orthopedic care. Hundreds of our patients have been happy with our dentures for the past five years!

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